Charles Reed
Patel Green & Associates

Flying to the Finish Line
Cody Cash


Creative Applications of Model Based Design
Joe Kolb, P.E.

The Sarasota Roundabout
Michael Garau
Steven Hartl
Kimley Horn

NACE Updates
Josh Harvill

Southeast Region VP

Smart Cities Simplified
Noah Butler
Roadway Management Technologies


FAC Legislative Preview
Jared Grigas
FAC Public Policy

The Silly Things We Do: Lessons Learned at the Alachua County Public Works Department
Brian Kauffman, Assistant Public Works Director, Alachua County
Don Clifton, Road Superintendent, Alachua County

Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles and Transportation Funding
Senator Jeff Brandes

FDOT District Updates:
District 1 - Secretary L. K. Nandam
District 7 - Secretary David Gwynn
Florida Department of Transportation 

FDOT Central Office Updates
Samantha Samford, State Local Program Administrator
Florida Department of Transportation