Do you have a completed public works project in your county or city that you are proud of? Has your city or county engineer or public works director collaborated with state or local agencies to enhance your community? Now is the time to recognize them, we want to see your projects!

Awards are available in each of the following categories:

Urban Engineer of the Year (Communities larger than 150,000 population)
Rural Engineer of the Year (Communities smaller than 150,000 population)
Public Works Employee of the Year
Local/State Agency Collaboration Project of the Year
Large Agency Project of the Year
Small Agency Project of the Year

Please only nominate ONE person or project. Please select only ONE award category. Projects must be designed or constructed within the last year.

1. Candidates must be persons who would reflect prestige and honor upon FACERS. Applicants/nominees may join FACERS for first year free membership.
2. This award may be presented in recognition of acknowledged service and well-established preeminence in the field of public works, such as, but not limited to encouraging sustainable practices in the field of public works; smart growth policies i.e.: outstanding design, encouraging efficiency and safety, and/or contributions of special merit and benefit to FACERS.
3. Board members and past presidents of FACERS must be out of office at least one year before being eligible for this award.

Click here to submit a nomination for the 2018 year.