FACERS contributes to the development and revision of statewide standard specifications and guideline documents; provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, technical information and best practices; and engages in related local, state and national legislation to ensure every community of the best possible engineering, transportation and public works available.

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Networking: FACERS hosts two face-to-face multi-day events each year attended by over 50 people. FACERS members can communicate with each other electronically throughout the year whenever needed.

Professional Development: During the Annual and Fall Meetings, FACERS provides its members with the opportunity to earn over 20 hours of certified professional development. Advocacy: Through membership in FACERS, your county has a voice in Tallahassee and Washington, DC. Advocating for State and Federal funding is an integral part of the FACERS organization.

Newsletter: Members receive a quarterly publication recapping FACERS meetings and articles detailing various projects and best practices throughout the state.

Costs:  The cost of the FACERS annual membership is $130 for county/municipal members and $180 for sustaining members.

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Payment Options

  • To pay online, once staff receives the completed online form for new members, an invoice will be emailed with instructions on how to pay online.
  • To pay by check, once staff receives the completed online form for new members, an invoice will be emailed for printing and submission with a check for membership.
  •   For any questions regarding the above, please contact Emily Anderson at eanderson@fl-counties.com.


NACE speaks for everyone who’s involved in county roads and bridges. In our 70th year, we represent nearly 2,000 county engineers, road managers, and related professionals in the US and Canada. We’re here to represent you and keep you informed.

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