FACERS Committees

FACERS technical activities are carried out largely by committees. Questions or recommendations about these issues should be directed to the appropriate committee. Committees are appointed by the FACERS President. FACERS members interested in serving on a committee should contact FACERS Executive Liaison, John Goodknight at:


The Budget Committee works with the Treasurer to prepare and monitor the annual budget of FACERS.
Chair: Ramon Gavarrete, Alachua County


FACERS Newsletters are issued quarterly in digital format. The newsletter is available on the FACERS Website here.
Chair: Amy Blaida, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.,


FACERS, together with industry partners, has established endowed scholarships for students pursuing public works related degrees at four state universities in Florida. To view the FACERS Scholarship page, click here. The committee serves as liaison between each university and FACERS. Committee members also participate in various activities conducted by the universities to recognize recipients of the scholarships.
University of Central Florida Liaison:
Steve Ferrell, HDR Engineering
University of South Florida Liaison:
Steve Ferrell, HDR Engineering


FACERS has a designated ex officio member on the “Greenbook” Committee.
FACERS “Greenbook” Committee Member: Shane Parker, Hendry County


The FACERS Constitution specifies that the Past President will chair the nominating committee. This committee presents a ballot of nominees for each FACERS office at the General Membership meeting each summer.
Chair: Immediate Past President


The FACERS Constitution specifies that the Vice President will chair the program committee. This committee is responsible for arranging the technical programs for the two FACERS General Membership meetings each year.
Chair: FACERS Vice President

Local Agency Program (LAP) Community of Practice(COP)

The LAP Community of Practice is comprised of representatives of FDOT, FHWA, and local agencies working together to streamline the process for using federal funds for local transportation projects. To visit the LAP page, click here.
FACERS representative on this committee include:
Ramon Gavarrete, Alachua County
Elton Holland, Marion County
Deborah Snyder, Sumter County
John Goodknight, FACERS Executive Liaison


Since the mid-1990s, FACERS has worked with FDOT to negotiate and update agreements related to the maintenance and reimbursement of costs for traffic signals and roadway lights on the state highway system. Currently FDOT is working on updates to the lighting agreements. The FACERS committee meets bi-monthly (via teleconference) to review the proposals and provide information about costs of the agreements.
FACERS committee members for this issue are:
May Cheng, Plam Beach County
Frank Yokiel, Orange County
Keith Bryant, Bay County
Jack King, Pasco County
Venkat Vattkuti, Charlotte County
Clinton “Gator” Howerton, Jr., P.E., Highlands County
Ramon Gavarrete, Alachua County
Aaron Burkett, Manatee County


FACERS web site is maintained by Florida Association of Counties. The web committee is responsible for providing content for the web site.
FACERS committee members are:


Each year FACERS recognizes individuals and agencies for outstanding work in the area of public works.
FACERS Committee members are:


FACERS coordinates extensively with Florida Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Florida Association of Counties, and other public agencies on a wide variety of issues related to public works. FACERS also supports FAC’s lobbying efforts by review of impact of proposed legislation on local public works programs.
Coordination for these efforts is provided by FACERS Executive Liaison with support from various members:

John Goodknight, FACERS Executive Liaison