FACERS Committees

FACERS technical activities are carried out largely by committees. Questions or recommendations about these issues should be directed to the appropriate committee. Committees are appointed by the FACERS President. FACERS members interested in serving on a committee should contact FACERS Executive Liaison, John Goodknight at johncgoodknight@gmail.com.


FACERS budget year is January through December 31. The budget is updated annually and presented to the General Membership for approval at a regular membership meeting (usually Fall Meeting). Responsibility for preparing the budget rests with the Budget Committee. FAC provides periodic reports to the Treasurer and Budget Chairman showing expenditures versus budget. This information is required for presentation by the Treasurer at quarterly board meetings. FAC also assists the Budget Chairman in preparing the annual budget.
Chair: Ramon Gavarrete, Alachua County


The membership committee works closely with  the FAC Executive Coordinator on the annual membership drive and membership growth.
Chair: Ramon Gavarrete

Alachua County

George Gadiel
Lake County

Chad Williams, Treasurer
Columbia County

Amy Blaida
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

Brian Singleton
City of Gainesville

John Goodknight, Executive Liaision
City of Gainesville


FACERS newsletters are published quarterly and distributed by posting on the FACERS website. The format for the newsletter shall include a message from the President, a highlight of one County Engineer or Public Works Director, and one public works project. It would also include recaps of each General Membership meeting. The FACERS Newsletter Chair provides content for the newsletter, Final preparation of the document and posting on the web is handled by FAC. The Chair of the Social Media Committee manages the FACERS Facebook or other social media page in accordance with the FACERS Social Media Policy. The newsletters can be viewed HERE.
Chair: Amy Blaida, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.


FACERS, together with industry partners, has established endowed scholarships for students pursuing public works related degrees at four state universities in Florida. To view the FACERS Scholarship page, please click HERE. The committee serves as liasion between each university and FACERS. Commitee members also participate in various activities conducted by the universities to recognize recipients of the scholarships. The committee members are as follows:
Chair: Steve Ferrell
HDR Engineering

Florida International Liaison: Ramon Gavarrete
Alachua County

University of Florida Liaison: Fred Schneider
Alachua County

University of Central Florida Liaison: Steve Ferrell
HDR Engineering

University of South Florida Liaison: Deborah Snyder
Sumter County


The Florida Greenbook Advisory Committee is composed of four professional engineers within each of the Department of Transportation’s seven district boundaries as described in Section 336.045(2), Florida Statutes (F.S.).

FACERS members who are Committee members selected by FDOT:

Shane Parker
Hendry County

Nikesh Patel
City of Sarasota
Ramon Gaverrete
Alachua County
Todd Crosby
Hernando County
Deborah Snyder
Sumter County

FACERS Representative (ex officio member) - selected members by FACERS:

Travis Terpstra
Volusia County


The FACERS Constitution specifies that the Past President will chair the nominating committee.  This committee presents a ballot of nominees for each FACERS office at the General Membership meeting each summer.
Chair: FACERS Immediate Past President
Scott Herring
Hernando County
FACERS Treasurer
FACERS Membership Chair
FACERS Sustaining Member Director


The FACERS Constitution specifies that the Vice President will chair the program committee. This committee is responsible for arranging the techinical porograms for the two FACERS General Membership meetings each year.
Chair: FACERS Vice President


Since the mid-1990's, FACERS has worked with FDOT to negotiate and update agreements related to the maintenance and reimbursement of costs for traffic signals and roadway lights on the state highway system. This committee is responsible for working with FDOT to address local concerns as these agreements are updated. FACERS representatives:
Ramon Gavarrete Alachua County
George Gadiel
Lake County
Clinton "Gator" Howerton
Highlands County
Scott Herring
HDR Engineering
Spencer Anderson
Sarasota County
Brian Singleton
City of Gainesville
David Ricks/Melissa Ackert
Palm Beach County
Joe Kunkel
Orange County
Jay Williams
Volusia County
Kyla Fischer
Hillsborough County
John Goodknight
Executive Liaison (ex officio)


The LAP Community of Practice is comprised of representatives of FDOT, FHWA, and local agencies working together to streamline the process for using federal funds for local transportation projects. This committee also serves as a forum for discussing any other FDOT/FHWA issues of concern to local public works organizations. The committee is managed by FDOT under the direction of State Local Programs Administrator (Samantha Samford) who also serves as FDOT’s liaison to FACERS. FACERS is allocated three positions on the committee and Executive Liaison participates as an ex officio representative.
FACERS representatives:
Ramon Gavarrete Alachua County
Chad Williams
Columbia County
Deborah Snyder
Sumter County
John Goodknight
Executive Liaison (ex officio)


FAC maintains the web site, including coordination with the web developer and posting changes to the web. This includes regular updates such as meeting notifications, registration information, newsletters, and meeting minutes. The following suggested checklist identifies items and times for updates. The Web Committee Chairperson coordinates overall communications between FACERS and FAC regarding changes to the web content. Committee Chairs and Officers work directly with FAC for updates to issues related to their committees (e.g. Awards, Newsletter, NACE).
Chair: Deborah Snyder, Sumter County
FACERS Secretary
John Goodknight, Executive Liaison (ex officio)


FACERS offers the following awards each year:

Urban Engineer of the Year (Communities larger than 150,000 population)
Rural Engineer of the Year (Communities smaller than 150,000 population)
Public Works Employee of the Year
Local/State Agency Collaboration Project of the Year
Large Agency Project of the Year
Small Agency Project of the Year

Applications are submitted electronically to FAC. FAC provides application information to Awards Committee Chair, who convenes the awards committee to make appropriate selections. Awards are presented a General Membership meeting – usually at the summer session .
Chair: George Gadiel, Lake County
Judy Clarke, Monroe County
Clinton "Gator" Howerton, Highlands County
David Ricks, Palm Beach County
Spencer Anderson, Sarasota County
John Goodknight, Executive Liaison (ex officio)


FACERS technical sessions (Wednesdays and Thursdays) during the General Membership meetings are eligible for Professional Development Hours credits for Professional Engineers.

The Chair of the Continuing Education Committee is responsible:

• Communicate with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers to maintain FACERS license to maintain continuing education credits. This certificate requires periodic renewal.
• Sign certificate of attendance.

Coordinate with FAC regarding:

• Collecting records of attendance at each technical session. The attendance record is obtained by circulating a sign-in sheet for each session that includes the name, PE license number, and email address of each participant requesting Professional Engineering PDH credits.
• Preparation of certificates of attendance (digital copies only).
• Posting individual certificates for each attendee on the membership portal of the Florida Association of Counties website.

Participants are responsible for maintaining their own records as required by the Board of Professional Engineers. These records are available for download through the Membership Portal on the FAC website.
Chair: Amy Blaida