Vice President

FACERS Vice President Duties

The FACERS Vice President duties are outlined in the FACERS Constitution in addition to managing the program for the semi-annual meetings in conjunction with FAC's Annual and Legislative Conference. For the conferences, the Vice President is responsible for providing the following:

Speakers and Topics:
● Begin as soon as possible to find speakers and presenters for the conferences. A number of our members will volunteer to provide technical presentations including our Sustaining Members.
● Seek out Board Members to help you find topics & speakers.
● Begin preparing a draft agenda, and try to schedule time during the day for breaks and lunch that coincides with the F.A.C. breaks/lunch. This provides time for us to contact commissioners, etc.
● Continue to keep in contact with your speakers and send reminders and thankyou’s. Ask them if they plan on providing a Powerpoint. Get a copy emailed to you so you can download it.
● Get Speaker Bios for the President to announce each person at the meeting.

Room reservation:
● Contact Kelli Williams at FAC three months ahead of time and reserve a room. Send her a reminder each month until the meeting. Double check with her one week prior to the meeting. At a minimum you will need the following items for Kelli to order from the Hotel: Hollow Square (40 persons), LCD Support Pack with Projector Screen, Podium with Mic, Mixer, AV Cart, Water Service, and Web Conference Table.

In addition, you must bring a Laptop MS Office Capable with Powerpoint (check with presenters to see what version they use). You will need Speakers for the Laptop, and a Projector for the laptop. These are expensive items to rent. If you don’t have it seek out a FACERS member to bring (and it’s always a good idea to bring one backup of each).

Day of First Presentation:
● Set up the Laptop, Projector, and Speakers. The Hotel will provide the Screen you ordered. Be there the night before to check it out. Make sure that you coordinate with the Hotel Staff through Kelli for a meeting time that evening to gain access to the room. If you can’t make it the night before, make sure that you coordinate a very early meeting time and get set up at least an hour prior to the first presentation.

Second and third day of Presentations:
● Be present ½ hour prior to start of meeting and get everything set up and ready to go.

Current FACERS Vice President

Benjamin Bartlett
Director - Road & Bridge Division
Volusia County
[email protected]